When people visit your home, first impressions are often based on the appearance of your property and the focus of attention is usually on the door which welcomes them. Choose one of our PVCu or Composite doors to create a warm welcome for all your visitors. Our range of PVCu residential doors not only look good, they are built to keep some people out. Attention to security has been given top priority and all our doors are fitted with the best security features including multi-point locking mechanisms.

Our range of products is available in a number of styles and finishes to suit your needs. Please see brochure to view full range.

Choosing the door which best suits your lifestyle and the character of your home will not be a problem. For example, if you want light to flood in and brighten the hallway we can offer you a range of glazed options, or if you want privacy from the outside world, choose from a range of solid options.

We have a wide range of PVCu, Composite and Bi-Fold Doors in a range of colours and designs for you to choose from with an extensive choice of door furniture. Please take a look at our gallery for more ideas. Create a great first impression with our stylish selection of door accessories. From pad handles to lever handles in a choice of colours including chrome, gold and black. These can be combined with matching letter plates, numbers and knockers.

Whichever door you choose for your home, we can offer you an extensive range of insulated features and side panels with glazed options designed to accommodate every type of installation. Whether you choose PVCu or opt for a door from our Composite range, you can choose from our extensive range of styles and finishes from a simple glazed door to the more ornate, complemented by a wide variety of decorative glass or panel designs and security measures.


Composite doors are an alternative to PVCu doors, offering all the benefits of low maintenance and security but with the traditional look of a timber door. Which ever style of door you choose, we can offer a wide range of glazed and solid options. It’s not every day that a range of doors as striking, adaptable, secure and easy to install as this comes along.

Available in many styles and colours and complemented by a stunning range of glass designs, our composite doors feature high performance weather seals, top specification hardware and most importantly of all, competitive prices.

All colours are UV stable and therefore will not discolour in direct sunlight. All doors are practically maintenance-free apart from occasional light lubrication of hinges and moving parts of the locking system.

High security multi-point locking systems are fitted as standard. We supply a variety of glass options which will make the door individual and personal, giving it great curb appeal. A full range of co-ordinating door furniture and accessories are available.

Every door has a deeply grained surface, creating a natural look and feel. Unlike timber, our doors will never rot, warp, swell, shrink or need repainting. Our doors have a high definition of grain effect with traditional recessed panel design and bead feature around the glazed aperture. A traditional timber appearance with high security multi-point locking system fitted as standard. Virtually maintenance free, with excellent thermal values. All doors come with a 10 year guarantee.

Every door can be available with white on the inside or matching colour both sides to suit any home décor, with the door frame in white as standard. Other optional foil finishes include light golden oak, light golden oak on white, dark wood (mahogany or rosewood) and dark wood (mahogany or rosewood) on white.

Click here to view our composite doors brochure


Breathtaking bi-folding doors transform a room with an expanse of glass. With energy efficient seals and security locks, the room stays warm and totally secure, yet opens in seconds to the outside world. Bi-folding doors are the ideal way to maximise extra space and connect inside living to the outside world. Bi-folding doors can create a whole new feel for your home, linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space. Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold doors are the ideal replacement for existing patio or French doors to flood any room with natural light.

A wide range of opening styles are available to suit your application. Amazingly flexible and versatile, bi-fold doors can be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space required. Once fully opened, doors stack neatly to one side creating valuable new space and open plan living. With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, bi-fold doors add light and air all year round.

Features and benefits

The unique design or our bi-fold door means both cill and track are incorporated into the threshold, which results in a reduced frame height for improved aesthetics and a smoother operation of opening and closing.

Other key features and benefits include:

  • High performance weathering
  • Broad range of door configurations
  • Choose from 2 to 6 door panels
  • Internally beaded for highest security
  • Hardware components fixed to continuous lengths of reinforcement, further improves the sash stability and operation.
  • Double perimeter weather seals on all sashes gives improved weather performance, making them draught free and energy efficient
  • Optional - reduced threshold for lower step-over and ease of operation

A variety of finishes are available to complement your home including white, woodgrain and a range of solid colours. Doors are at the heart of your home’s security and our products ensure the visitors to your home are only the welcome ones. The single and double sash opening options include the cylinderless lock and handle system. Incorporating traditional keys with a modern locking system provides a superior level of security, giving you the best possible protection and peace of mind.

French Doors

Classic and stylish, French doors provide a wonderful way to open up a room into the space outside. Through the addition of glazed and solid panels, you can create a design that’s perfectly suited to the style of your home. Throw open French doors and invite the garden, terrace, balcony or country views inside. A breath or fresh air for your kitchen, lounge or dining room, these beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home. As always, safety and security are our top priority. All our products are available with high security locks and toughened or laminated glass is fitted as standard and keep out the uninvited.

Patio Doors

Bring the garden closer to the house and use it like another room. With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, a patio door adds light and air to life – all year round. Even the darkest of rooms can be transformed with wide expanses of glass. Our doors are both warm and secure with energy efficient seals and security locks.

Ideal for the house to conservatory or in porches, the key features include.

  • Slimline UPVC
  • High performance weathering
  • Broad range of door configurations
  • Internally beaded for highest security
  • 2, 3 and 4 pane options
  • Wide range of colours and finishes (one side or both)

Stable Doors

The top sash operates using our standard handle and barrel. High security with a hook, latch and deadbolt on the top sash. Two rollers with one hook on the lower sash operated by a low profile handle. The sashes are held together in the open position using a snapper catch. The low profile handle used on the lower sash is available in white and silver, this may be replaced by a locking Tilt and Turn handle which is available in other colours.